Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association Ltd
Martin Way Allotment Gardens Association Ltd
Self-managed London allotment gardens association.

Nivag Crockery
Nivag Crockery
Online retailer of replacement table, dinner and ovenware.

Terms and Conditions

Pocketsite Design offer all potential clients a free no obligation telephone or face to face consultation in order to obtain an overview of the client's specific requirements.

Following the initial consultation Pocketsite Design will provide a no obligation estimate for perusal.

Once submitted Pocketsite Design will make contact with the potential client to answer any queries which may have arisen from the submission of the estimate and to establish if the work is to proceed.

If the estimate is accepted the client will be required to pay a non refundable 50% upfront payment, which allows Pocketsite Design to register any domain names and schedule one of our team to commence work on the project.

If the client has any specific criteria or an idea of the final look of their website all this information must be given to Pocketsite Design and an acceptable schedule agreed before any work commences.

Once the client's website has been designed, the client will have an opportunity to approve the design and content and make any minor amends necessary to enable the site to go live.

At this point the client will be invoiced for the completed work and upon receipt of final payment the website will be hosted live.

Payment Terms

A non refundable 50% deposit is required from all new clients before commencement of their initial project with the remainder due immediately upon completion.

Any payments due for domain name registrations and/or website/email hosting are payable in advance and are non-refundable.

Existing clients requesting further work may not be required to pay the 50% upfront deposit, however should a project schedule extend beyond one month or should unforeseen delays extend a project schedule over one month the client will be invoiced at one monthly intervals for all work completed within the previous month.

All invoices are raised either at monthly milestones or following the completion of a project. All clients are required to pay within 7 days (unless otherwise agreed prior to project commencement). Please note new websites and major updates will not be hosted live until final payment has been received from the client.

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